Lichadonisia – A Day Trip of Awe

Lichadonisia - A day trip to remember!! First off, where is Lichadonisia? It is a small set of tiny islands off the Northeast edge of Evia. Evia is the 2nd biggest island in Greece. Next, how do you get there!? Well, its a hike but not that hard. If you were to start from Athens. … Continue reading Lichadonisia – A Day Trip of Awe

Naxos Island

NAXOS! So the summer tour started off in Naxos! Known for its amazing food and amazing views the island did not disappoint! Lets start off with the beaches! -Agios Prokopoios We started off at Agios Prokopios. An organized beach with a mix of youth and adults with crystal clear calm waters. A great combination!! The … Continue reading Naxos Island