Welcome to The Greece Experience

Join me as I travel Greece endlessly and tell you all about it. The culture, the beaches, the history, and the food! But before we get started, how about a quick Q&A about who I am!

Who am I?

My name is Tony and I have a lot of hobbies and interest.

I love to travel, I have a huge passion for photography and content creation, specifically of Greece!! I love the country and its my passion to show off Greece to the world!

My photography of Greece can be found on instagram: @iamgreece I am also the curator of @greece on Instagram.

Aside from photography and Greece, here are some other things I like to do…

I am a radio host personality for KefiFM Radio in Boston. My show is called The Kefi Sports Show and can be heard Saturdays at 11am and available for stream on the KefiFM app and where podcasts can be found!! (iTunes!)

My radio show can be found on the App Store/Google Play: KefiFM with a Podcast Available on iTunes!

What else?​

I am the founder and director of the largest Greek-American basketball tournament, you can find more about the Teddy K Classic at www.teddykclassic.com and on instagram @teddykclassic. It is a memorial basketball tournament in memory of my father, raising funds for scholarships and charities in Greece. Most recently for Mazi Gia to Paidi.

Want more?

​I am also working on a podcast specific to Greece, this podcast will be tied to my @iamgreece blog which is to influence Greece travel and the culture. The podcast is called The Greece Experience and can be found on this website!

Anything else?

I like a good joke, and I believe to have somewhat of a sense of humor. Want to be the judge? I make memes about Greece and the Greek culture. You can find them on instagram @hooplagreeks.

Are any of these my jobs?

Not exactly. I have my day jobs which I have spent many years building to the point where I can spend a good amount of time on fun things, like these! So if you see me selling you anything, I don’t need to, I just figured it may be something you just may enjoy!

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